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WJ JONES International Freight Forwarder - You Can Trust Us

Since its beginnings back in 1954, WJ Jones has made a difference for its customers. As an international freight forwarder, we very quickly developed strong expertise in sea freight (more specifically in the transportation of forest products), followed by agrifood and the performing arts, and more recently, the manufacturing sector.

Today, as the international freight forwarding industry continues to grow, we are more than ever recognized as top-notch experts and trusted import-export partners for sea freight, airfreight and land transport.

You will find us to be a valuable ally, with perfect mastery of freight logistics: we can develop solutions to meet all your specific needs. Our foundations as an international freight forwarder are solid, our experience is broad and the world of importing and exporting holds no secrets for us!

Our impeccable customized service has contributed greatly to our spotless reputation: flexibility, speed, competitiveness and total confidentiality are but a few of the qualities that characterize our team of international transit experts and our vast network of agents, working tirelessly to ensure cargo arrives safely, as per your requirements, and in line with your business reality.

The WJ Jones difference: peace of mind!

For our customers, such a positive freight forwarding experience includes the following tangible advantages:

  • Work carried out by an expert: at every stage of the transportation process, you can count on the assistance of specialists, whatever your business activities.
  • Speedy execution: we follow-up as fast as your business flows.
  • A trusted partner: from point A to point B, by sea, air or land, you work with we're always there to resolve any issues.
  • A proactive approach: because every situation is unique, international freight forwarders must often think creatively to meet the specific needs of their customers. We think outside the box.
  • The strength of an international network makes it possible to benefit from lower transport costs.

We have developed cutting-edge expertise in different sectors, making it possible; for us to handle almost all types of cargo. As you may be aware, the logistics of cargo transport can sometimes be tricky. For example, transporting perishable goods requires the strict observance of certain rules: closely monitored temperature control and respect of delivery times. Your freight forwarder must be able to guarantee that your exports, or your imports, will arrive safely and in excellent condition.

In the performing arts sector, transporting sets, costumes and accessories can also represent a challenge: customs fees, ATA Carnet, set-in-stone tour dates, fragile cargo... so many important aspects to consider. A freight forwarder in charge of transporting tour equipment is a major contributor to the success of a tour.

Transport logistics requires total control over all aspects of freight and transit: this is how experience is measured. And this experience helps build trust and long-term business relationships. Importing and exporting are sensitive and complex operations. By calling on an expert, you gain peace of mind. We put every member of our team to task, and our customers can rely on our combined expertise.



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