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For years, on a daily basis, we have strived to uphold our reputation in sea freight by providing flawless service to all our customers, at competitive prices. It was with land transportation that in 1981 , we began our activities as an international freight forwarder. We have developed our expertise in container shipping to quickly become a leader in the transportation of forest products. We then further diversified our operations to include the agrifood, performing arts, and manufacturing sectors.

Over the years, we have built a spotless reputation as an international freight forwarder, and this has enabled us to develop a vast network of loyal and reliable suppliers. Our sea freight operations rely on a global network of transport agents, enabling our experts to provide a complete and personalized door-to-door service, anywhere in the world.

Depending on the sector (forestry, agrifood, performing arts, manufacturing), the logistics and constraints of shipping can be quite different. For example, for the import or export of perishable commodities, our role as forwarder will be, among other things, to ensure strict temperature control. If we carry musical instruments, we will pay particular attention to moisture. For the transport of sets for the performing arts, or works of art, it will sometimes be necessary to provide oversized packaging and to take the extra precautions required to transport fragile goods. In all cases, rigorous adherence to deadlines remains a priority.

Our expertise as international sea freight forwarders includes the following tangible benefits:

  • Irreproachable customer service: fast response times, and precise answers to all your questions
  • Turnkey solutions, including the complete preparation of your documents by experts in documentary credit, guaranteed service
  • Advanced technical expertise in the field of import-export:
    • Knowledge of the required permits and various regulations
    • Transport of sensitive goods (temperature, humidity, delays)
    • Understanding latest version of Incoterms and how they affect your decision
    • Cargo insurance adapted to your needs
  • Flexibility of transport, possibility of offering transport of full containers or less than container load (LCL)
  • Ability to design oversized packaging
  • Network of agents all over the world
  • Constant search for the best possible price
  • Work ethic including strict confidentiality guidelines

In order to ensure that sea freight remains competitive and reliable, and to control the risk associated with any import and export activity, an international freight forwarder must be an expert at every stage of the supply chain. In addition, should unforeseen events occur, you should be able to count on our support and on the presence of a team of specialists who are knowledgeable about your sector. This is how you obtain high added-value service.

Need support in developing a transport plan involving logistics on an international scale? Discover our "360" consulting services.

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